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We are looking for a rockstar Photo Booth Bus Attendant to give our guests the best experience possible in the bus! Join our team and you’ll get paid to drive Frankie around town, bringing the magic to events all over the Tampa Bay area. If you are extremely responsible, fun-loving, organized and up for a great time with us, we want to talk with you!

We want you to have a blast while running our cute booth bus, however we do want to be straight up and let you know that we expect our Attendants to wear many hats. We place a lot of responsibility on your shoulders to ensure each event is successful! You will take care of every detail of a Sweet Shot Photo Booth Bus event, including bus prep which includes giving her a good shine, cleaning and organizing props. You will also be responsible for driving the bus to and from each event, setting up, running the booth and troubleshooting any issues that may come up. It is an old bus and there is a lot of technology involved so little issues do come up from time to time. At the end of the event you will be responsible for packing everything up and dropping Frankie back off safe and sound. 

The Photo Booth Bus Attendant position pays $20-30/hr depending on experience. Most of our events take place on evenings and weekends, and you will need a flexible schedule (Don’t worry, we give plenty of advance notice!). Please read more about the qualities we are looking for below, and apply if you think you’re a great fit!


What we’re looking for:

You’re fun, outgoing and are a total people person!
You’re positive, enthusiastic and ready to give guests the ultimate photo booth bus experience! 

You’re trustworthy, reliable and organized.
This position requires a great deal of responsibility and it’s important for us to know that we can depend on you! 

You’re up for any challenge that comes your way.
You are great at thinking on your feet and troubleshooting issues on the spot. There are surprises that come up when running a photo booth out of a vintage bus, and we want to know you can handle whatever arises!

You feel comfortable taking care of our Vintage VW bus!
Along with getting Frankie ready for our events, we need someone who can safely drive a stick shift. And not any old stick shift. A 1976 VW stick shift. Just think school bus steering wheel and a stick shift that feels like it’s in oatmeal. Once you get the hang of it, she is actually really fun to drive! We promise!!


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Address (must live in the Tampa Bay area)
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As one of our Sweet Shot Attendants, you'll be driving the stick shift VW bus to and from events. On a scale of 1-5, how confident do you feel driving Frankie? *
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When would you be available to start working?